It’s All About Bikini’s

When it comes to bikinis there are all kinds of brands, shapes, styles, and materials that they are made of. The great thing about this type of swimwear is that it is most appropriate and very fashionable no matter where it is worn when it comes to enjoying water activities. It can be just as easily worn in a indoor swimming pool setting as it can be at the beach.

Basically the Bikini is a two piece of version of the swim suit with the upper piece covering the chest area and the lower piece for the bottom area. The difference between a two piece bathing suit and a Bikini is basically the cut, how much of the body it reveals, and the style.

Bikinis have been around for a very long time dating back to 1946 when they took off with their popularity and really made their debut in the movies although a some countries were somewhat skeptical about accepting this as appropriate where for public settings.

The French had no problem accepting this type of swimwear but the United States was a little slow in their reaction of acceptance. In today’s modern trends, the bikinis have branched out in the way that they are being worn. Sometimes the lower part of the Bikini is set called the monkini when it is worn with a tank top. When individuals are choosing a Bikini and they really want to be what some may say is promiscuous, then the option is to go with the string bikini which is simply pieces of cloth or materials that are fastened together with thin strings.

There are many different styles at that can allow one to be as revealing as they want when it comes to the Bikini. Here at Squirrel we are giving a great selection of choices for women who want to have some options when it comes to choosing their bikinis. Not only does the style or the cut of the Bikini play an important role in the overall look, so do the materials. These materials can range from cotton’s to silks and even many that are now being crocheted with quality cotton. Color also can make a fashion statement in the Bikini line.

When choosing the Bikini that you want to wear you first want to study the cut and how you feel that it will comply with your body stature. If you don’t feel that a fully revealing bikini is going to be the best choice for you then check out some of the other options that we have here at Squirrel that are still within the Bikini line, but do not have the same cuts as of the more revealing ones do. For example, if you prefer more coverage in the top then you want to take a close look at our high neck bandage swimwear. No matter which one that you choose here there is no doubt that you were going to be most pleased with the quality and the looks.

Go Ultra Mod with the Bikini Case Covers

While you certainly won’t be giving the man in your life a bikini there are a few things that you can do to spur his interest. Of course, one of these is wearing a bikini that is going to impress him, and the second is buying him a Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, S4, S5 or S6 or S7 Maria Sharapova Sexy Bikinis Case Capa Cover.

What you can expect from this case is great quality. It is made of a hard and durable plastic and aside from its impressive looks it serves an excellent purpose. It will help to protect the applicable phones from cases and hard knocks.

Now some may say why in the world would a gal buy her guy a phone case that depicts another woman in such provocative attire? This is simply something the open minded woman would do. After all its not likely that the guy and Maria Sharapova are likely to hook up. So really looking at it with the right frame of mind it is merely a symbol of beauty and appreciation.

Most guys are very protective of their women. They are certainly not going to want to be exposing images of the woman in their life wearing a bikini. This to them may feel like they are being exploited. That doesn’t mean to say that most men don’t appreciate their woman looking good in their swimwear.

This is something that can be easily accomplished when the lady does her bikini shopping her at Squirrel. There are some beautiful selections that will make any body shape most appealing. A close look at the style and simplicity of the bikinis that we offer here will reveal that this swimwear is classy and has all the extra features that one may want for this type of swimsuit. There are choices among them that allow for extra lift and support. For those that need some extra padding there are some here that fit that need perfectly.

What you will soon discover when you are shopping here at Squirrel is that not only are prices great for the fun phone cases but they are amazing for the swimwear. This means that you can buy several and have a great selection to choose from. Each one of these will create a totally new look for you every time you wear one.

Just as you have shown that you are open minded and fun loving with the gift of the phone cover that you have purchased, you can make the same statement with the swimwear that you are going to have fun choosing.

Don’t let shyness or lack of confidence stand in your way when choosing any of the Squirrel bikini’s that we are offering you here. You deserve the chance to have fun with you swimwear and that is what we are intent on offering you.

How to Choose the Best Bikini For You

If you are under the impression as a woman that your body shape is not suited for a bikini then you are making a mistake. Almost any woman can wear a bikini if she chooses the right one. Ideally the focus should be on the swimsuit and not the body. Although the Bikini if the right one is chosen can bring out all the best features that a woman has and downplay those that she considers her flaws.

If you are a woman that has a larger midsection when compared to your arms and legs then you want to go with the Bikini that has a top that is going to draw the attention. What you may want to go for is one of the plus size bikinis that we offer here at Squirrel which is going to put the emphasis on the upper section of your body if you feel more comfortable with drawing the attention here.

If you feel that your body is in fairly good shape but perhaps somewhat muscular because you are the athletic type then you may want to choose a bikini that falls in to the Brazilian line as this is going to highlight your curves.

There are some women that truly do have what is considered to be the perfect hourglass shape, and these women have the advantage of being able to choose almost any style of bikini that they wish. However if they really want to flaunt their best features then the bikinis that are classed as the string bikinis will allow them to do this.
Using The Colors

One of the things that you’re going to find here at Squirrel is that our selection of bikinis come in all different colors and patterns. Use this to your advantage remembering that darker colors create the illusion of receding while bright colors will bring forth an item. So if you feel that you want the upper portion of your body to be downplayed then make sure that you choose a bikini of a darker color. The same applies for the bottom wear. If you need some extra support in the top where choose one of the suits that has extra padding and lift.

If this is your first time wearing a bikini and you don’t feel comfortable then start to by wearing it and perhaps using a waist wrap to conceal the lower portion of the suit until you are out and about in the water setting and that you feel comfortable being seen in it. You may want to first try just sunbathing in your bikini so that you don’t feel that you are becoming the centre of attention as you are entering the water.

One of the newer types of bikinis that are really popular are the handmade crochet types and you may find that you feel more comfortable with this type of bikini as it doesn’t tend to be quite as clingy as what some of the other materials are.

All About Squirrel

Here at Squirrel we are all about fun when it comes to swimwear. We have made our selection of bathing suits extra special because we have chosen to specialize in the bikini. This is because we believe that every woman should have an opportunity to wear this type of attire and not feel shy about it. To ensure that we have something for every woman we have gathered an amazing collection that are available in a variety of sizes as well as styles.

It is not just the woman who feels that she is a little over weight that is concerned about wearing a bikini. There are other women who feel they are too thin or not properly endowed to justify wearing this type of swimwear. We here at Squirrel want you to know that we have a bikini for you no matter what your size of shape.

One of the ways we have approached the problem that women have with wearing bikinis is to make sure that we offer a good selection of colors. Color plays an important role in swimwear. Darker colors can help to recede areas of concerns, while the lighter colors can be used to bring out a woman’s best features.

We have also focused on offering variety in materials. Plus, when it comes to styles you will note that we offer some great Brazilian styles, but added to the collection are those that have been crocheted which happens to be one the latest trends in swimwear.

To add to the fun of shopping here you will note that we also offer some of the fun bikini phone cases just so you can buy that guy in your life an extra gift. Although the biggest gift to him will be seeing you in one of the selections of bikini’s that we offer here at Squirrel.

You may have been so busy looking through our wonderful collection that as yet you have not noticed the simply amazing prices. Not only are you getting quality at such a great price it means that you should be able to afford to purchase several. This means you are going to have the perfect selection of swimwear not only for swimming but for sun bathing.

While all of our bikinis are made of the very best of quality for keeping their shape you are going to be most impressed with the comfort that is built into them. You will find that they retain their shape and they do not restrict your movements. They are equally perfect for any kind of swimming or outdoor activity you want to participate in. If you are looking for the most skin exposure when getting that perfect tan then any one of our bikini’s here are going to allow you to do just that.

You are going to find shopping here to be a pleasant experience, and when you have made your choices then checking out will be a breeze.