I've needed to change the system ID (as reported by sysinfo) a couple of times. Here are the solutions I came up with. This is probably not the best way to achieve this effect - mucking with init_sysid might be better. None of this is nearly as refined, flexible, or polished as the programs in my change-sun-hostid package.

Please note:

change-sid.c - IRIX 5.3 (IP22) and binary

change-sid62.c - IRIX 6.2 (IP22) and binary

change-sid62-ip28.c - IRIX 6.2/6.5 (IP28) and binary

change-sid63.c - IRIX 6.3 (IP32) and binary

change-sid65.c - IRIX 6.5 (IP22)

sidchange-octane-ip30.c - IRIX 6.5 contributed by LeRoy C. Miller III qball@ansic.net

notes contributed by LeRoy C. Miller III qball@ansic.net

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